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Upload Pictures for PowerSchool

Instead of sending us the picture CD's, follow these steps to upload them to our server.

I recommend using FileZilla for the upload client.

Server:        psaddons.washk12.org
Protocol:     SFTP
Port:            22 or 65222
Username and password: Contact Jim, Lawrence, or Ken
  1. Connect to server above with the specified protocol and port
  2. Create a folder/directory for the school. ie: 2010-11 DHS
  3. For Bell with the PIMS software
    1. In the PIMSFiles_??????  folder on the picture CD upload the Images and Data folders to the folder created in Step 2
  4. For Lifetouch
    1. Upload the lifetouch/images folder for the picture CD to the folder created in Step 2
When you have completed these steps contact Jim Black to finish the process.