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TES/MySchoolAccounting to PowerSchool

Step 1:  Download the Oracle ODBC Client
Step 2:  Unzip the files to the Desktop
Step 3:  In the win32_11gR2_client folder run the setup.exe
Step 4:  Chose InstantClient
Step 5:  Change the path to c:\oracle
Step 6:  Finish and allow the install to run.
Step 7:  Install the vcredist_x86.exe file from the unzipped files.
Step 8:  Run c:\windows\syswow64\odbcad32.exe to setup the connection to PowerSchool
  1. Choose the System DSN Tab
  2. Add new DSN
  3. Choose Oracle in OraClient11g_home1
    • Data Source Name: PowerSchool
    • TNS Service Name: psaddons.washk12.org:1521/PSPRODDB
    • Contact pssupport@washk12.org, or 435-986-5411 for the user id and password.
  4. Test the connection

These steps are to be done by the finance secretary when ever they want to update the student information.
Please test these when you have completed the above setup.

Step 1:    File > Manager > Import/Export Menu
Step 2:    Import-Students > PowerSchool Formats > PowerSchool SQL Direct Connection
Step 3:    Verify that the number show is the school number.  If not, call Jim Black at the tech office.
Step 4:    Click OK
Step 5:    "Debug - Query to Process" will appear on the screen.  Click OK
Step 6:    The first five students to be imported will be displayed.  Click OK on each one.
Step 7:    The import is complete.