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Follett Export

Step 1      Download, unzip and install the PatronConvert.zip ( Attachment #1 at the bottom of the page )
Step 2      Download the PowerSchool.cvt ( Attachment #2 at the bottom of the page ) to the folder where Patron Convert installed to.
Step 3      Login to PowerSchool, not PowerTeacher.
Step 4      Select all the students in you school, by pressing enter on the first page.
Step 5      Choose 'Export using Template'
Step 6      Choose 'Students' for Type of Export
Step 7      Choose 'Export to Follett' for Export Template?
Step 8      Choose the selected XXX students.
Step 8      Save the file, which will be called student.export.text, to your Desktop.
Step 9      Start the Patron Conversion Utility, from your Follett Applications.
Step 10    Choose User Defined for the Source Format
Step 11    Select the student.export.text file from your Desktop for the Source File
Step 12    Click on Options next to the User Defined option
Step 13    Choose Load and find the PowerSchool.cvt that you saved in Step 2, then click OK
Step 14    Set the Destination File to the Desktop, it will called patron.out
Step 14    Click Convert, when finished, click Close.
Step 16    Close the Patron Conversion Utility and open your Patron Maintenance tool from Follett Applications.
Step 17    Choose File > Import Patrons.
Step 18    Select 'Merge with existing record'
Step 19    Select the patron.out file from your Desktop.
Step 20    Click No, to 'Do you want to import another file?'
Step 21    Close the window.

Step 22    Check the exception report to see if there are errors to correct. 
     When done, close the window and click Yes to delete the report, unless you need to keep it.
Step 23    Close the Patron Maintenance tool.
Step 24    Your students have been imported.  Dance in celebration.
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