Scheduling - Analyse

Analyze the Results

When the load finishes, percentages for students with requests, students without conflicts, and total requests satisfied appear on the main Scheduling page.

To display the Scheduling page, choose PowerScheduler from the main menu on the PowerSchool start page. The page displays the following information:



Build Scenario

The name of the build scenario.

Note: Click the name of the scenario to view or edit its information.

Last Build

The most recent date you built the master schedule for a build scenario.

Last Load

The most recent date you loaded student schedules for a build scenario.

Students With Requests

The number of students for whom course requests were entered.

Requests Satisfied

The number of all primary student course requests satisfied.

Students Without Conflicts

The percentage of students without any conflicts in their schedules.


Indicates if the build scenario is active or inactive.


The percentage of requests successfully filled.

%Core ScheduledThe percentage of requests for core classes successfully filled.
%Requests SatisfiedThe percentage of total requests including alternate requests that were filled.