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Parent Guide for Creating a PowerSchool ID Link to Students

posted Aug 8, 2018, 11:34 AM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated Aug 12, 2019, 10:24 AM by James Price ]


Create a Contact/Parent PowerSchool ID linked to a Student 

A new Flowchart guide for creating parent accounts is also available here.

Cleating a PowerSchool ID allows parents and guardians to view student information in Unified Classroom, PowerSchool's New WIndow to student learning and achievement. The PowerSchool ID offer's access to the legacy Parent Portal and adds a view to curriculum, lesson plans, assessments and activities added by teachers.
  1. Go to https://classroom.powerschool.com/logout
  2. Go to https://psa.washk12.org/
  3. Click on Parent Sign In
  4. Down towards the bottom of the blue page that opens, click "Create an Account here" 
  5. Fill out the form with your first name, last name, email address, etc. 
  6. If it says the email has already been used 
    1. Go to https://classroom.powerschool.com/logout to clear the process, 
    2. Go to https://classroom.powerschool.com and skip to step 8. 
  7. A PowerSchool ID is created and the the login screen for Unified Classroom opens. 
  8. Login with the email and password you set in step 5. You can return to step 8 anytime by going to https://classroom.powerschool.com.
  9. You will see the screen below with two buttons.
    1. If you have a Parent Portal Account (Scenario 2) Choose "I have a username and password in my district's PowerSchool Parent Portal" and move to step 10, purple text. 
    2. If you don't have a Parent Portal Account (Scenario 3) Choose "I Have a Student Access Code" and skip to Step 12, dark orange text.
  10. Enter the username and password of the legacy Parent Portal, the username is not an email address. (School Staff can help you reset the password.) 
  11. After clicking next, the process is complete. You will have access to the students connected to the Parent Portal Account in Unified Classroom. 
  12. Enter the Student Name, Access ID and Password to link a student. 
  13. Click Add Another Student or Continue, The link is complete. 

Successful Unified Classroom Link

You now has access to the linked student(s). From this point, goto https://classroom.powerschool.com to login to your account. The username is the PowerSchool ID or email address.

To view Parent Portal screens click on Quick Links at the bottom of the left menu in UC. Choose Current Grades and Attendance for the default screen. The Parent Portal will open in a new tab in the browser,
James Price,
Sep 14, 2018, 12:20 PM