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PowerSchool 6

ReportWorks is a next-generation custom report development tool, designed specifically to meet the needs of educational data reporting. This exciting new tool delivers all the benefits of anywhere, anytime, web-based access to data you need to manage your schools and districts, and support effective, timely decision making.

ReportWorks is an example of a new generation of web-based technology known as a Rich Internet Application (RIA). As an RIA, ReportWorks is web-based, requires no installation of any software, and can run from any standard web browser; however, users will be pleased to see that navigation is not constrained by current browser limitations. With ReportWorks, users can easily create simple or complex reports with intuitive WYSIWYG tools.

Address Management & Boundary Validation
With Address Management and Boundary Validation, schools and districts are now able to cross-check a student\'s address with Google® Maps to ensure address-level accuracy, and determine whether or not the student lives within the school or district boundaries.

Prerequisite Checking & Teacher Recommendations
PowerSchool will now determine what courses should appear for students and parents as options on a student's Course Requests screen. PowerSchool checks for district-or school-defined prerequisites for a given course. Only valid courses will be presented to parents and students as options for the upcoming school year.

This summer, in conjunction with PowerSchool Premier 6, Pearson will also be launching the latest version of PowerTeacher: PowerTeacher 1.6. This release adds a number of significant new features, including a complete overhaul of the design of standards and benchmarks. With PowerTeacher 1.6, teachers will be able to track formative student progress toward any number of standards. Additionally, we have designed an intuitive method to allow teachers to quickly enter standards scores.

Teacher Attendance Submission Status
In large schools with complex schedules, attendance administrators often struggle to understand which teachers on campus have submitted their attendance, and for which periods. With PowerSchool's new Teacher Attendance Submission Status, attendance administrators can quickly view in real time all teachers who have and have not submitted attendance.

PowerTeacher 1.6 - Copy All Assignments
Teachers will be thrilled to see that with PowerTeacher 1.6, they will now be able to copy all assignments from one year to the next. This will be a great time-saver as they prepare to start each semester or school year.

PowerSchool already has a simple search capability, with 6.0 we've made it simple and Smart! Smart Search uses indexing technology to display a list of search results as the user types.

Custom Web Pages
PowerSchool Premier 6 now allows you to remotely manage your custom web pages within PowerSchool. With import/export capability, draft version management and the ability to easily compare versions of pages, managing custom pages is quick and easy.