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Youth In Custody and the USOE Clearinghouse

posted Sep 28, 2010, 11:12 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
Starting with the October 1 report for 2010 Youth in Custody students will be reported using the USOE Data Clearing House Reports, October 1 and Year End. A new record has been added to report membership (entry and exit dates), Regular Percent, Environment and Custody Type.

To enter or edit YIC record: 

Search and find the student.
Click on the Special Programs link from the left student pages menu. It is in the Enrollment Section near the bottom of the menu. 
Click New to enter  a new record or click on the date link to edit a record.
YIC records only require the Entry Date, Exit Date, Exit Reason (if there is an Exit Date other than the last day of school), Program (should be Youth-in-Coustody), Regular Percent, Environment and Custody Type. Do not use Disability Type or Time. Entry dates should be on or after the first day of school. Exit dates should be the day after the students last day in school or in the program.

The last three fields are very important they determine the funding level for YIC students.
Some of the choices in Environment are not applicable to YIC.
Custody is used only for YIC students.