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UTREX Year End Review

posted May 2, 2016, 12:44 PM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated May 3, 2016, 10:23 AM ]
  • Transfer Documentation Type
    • Where is the new field?
    • Report to catch up on missing documentation Clearinghouse #6, The new report shows transfers without documentation.

    • Pupil Audit Findings - All transfers out of district must be documented
  • Other Information
    • Common Passwords and Usernames for PowerSchool, eMail, Wireless Access and Computer Access (LDAP).
    • UTREX access to Transcripts. State schools, Regents Scholarships and BYU will begin transitioning to Online Transcripts. Schools can request access to view electronic transcripts for their schools. 
    • UTREX access can also be used to view school summary reports.
  • Graduating Students - Auto Set Graduation Date and HSCS - Schools edit non graduates DO, RT, GP do not mark CT if the student will be enrolling at Post High in the fall.
  • Early Graduates
  • Post High Students - Mark next school as Post High school number 240. Set HSCS to RT not CT or GR.
  • Students transferring over the summer - Mark th appropriate Transfer code but do not transfer out of the school.
  • Fixing Clearinghouse errors - Make sure and run reports 1 - 6 until all errors are fixed. All reports include error messages and data needed to correct errors. Use Make Filtered Selection and fix the errors on individual students.
  • Make sure school counselors or schedulers commit before leaving for the summer. Before committing:
    • Check calendar and term dates in PowerScheduler
    • Make sure students are scheduled and course balances are correct.
    • Check for dual enrollments in the same period
  • UTREX complete by July 7, 2016 - Do not drop students after school is over just change the next school field and the transfer code.
  • Rollover July 11 - 15 (PowerSchool Down)
  • Check Calendar Setup and student schedules after the rollover
  • Elementary - Call us for a review anytime
  • Secondary - Make sure and call before committing and leaving for the summer.