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UTREX Year End 2017 Review

posted Apr 18, 2017, 7:40 AM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated Apr 18, 2017, 7:54 AM ]
  • Graduating Seniors
    • Tech Office will Set Graduation Date to 05/24/2017 and High School Completion Status to GR. Millcreek High and Utah Online will not be set.
    • Schools will remove graduation dates and change HSCS for all all non graduates. Including DO, RT, GP do not mark CT if the student will be enrolling at Post High in the fall. The edit can be made on the Modify Info Screen see below or the State Specific Screen.
  • Early Graduates should be checked and marked 11 for Juniors or by the quarter graduated Q1, Q2 or Q3 for Seniors.
  • Post High Students - Mark next school as Post High school number 240. Set HSCS to RT not CT or GR.
  • Students transferring over the summer - Mark the appropriate Transfer code but do not transfer out of the school. Leave the date as the day after school ends.
  • Fix Clearinghouse errors - Make sure and run reports 1 - 6 until all errors are fixed. All reports include error messages and data needed to correct errors. Use Make Filtered Selection and fix the errors on individual students.
  • Encourage administrators to complete the Incident records. All Incidents should have at least one student linked as an offender. Each offender must be linked to a behavior and have an action type or the record will fail.

  • Transfer Documentation Type
    • Make she and update the transfer documentation in preparation for the audit in the fall.
    • Clearinghouse #6 shows transfers without documentation.

    • Pupil Audit Findings - All transfers out of district must be documented
  • Other Information
    • Common Passwords and Usernames for PowerSchool, eMail, Wireless Access and Computer Access (LDAP).
    • UTREX access can also be used to view school summary reports.

  • Make sure school counselors or schedulers commit before leaving for the summer. Before committing:
    • Check calendar and term dates in PowerScheduler
    • Make sure students are scheduled and course balances are correct.
    • Check for dual enrollments in the same period
  • UTREX complete by July 7, 2016
  • Do not drop students after school is over in May! Just change the next school field and the transfer code. The rollover will auto transfer the students.
  • Students leaving the district before the rollover should be given a transfer code (TS,TO, TH, etc.) but do not need to be dropped.
  • Rollover July 17 - 22 (PowerSchool Down)
  • After the rollover drop students requested by other district schools on the current date so they can pick them up. Drop students transferring out of district with a request for records on the first day of school. Ten day drop other students.
  • Check Calendar Setup and student schedules after the rollover
  • Elementary - Call us for a review anytime
  • Secondary - Make sure and call before committing and leaving for the summer.