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Using *Period_Info to Export Teacher Names

posted Aug 20, 2008, 7:21 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
Below is a sample Quick Export that exports teachers names for students in a specific period. Line numbers are added for clarity and should not be used in the export.
  • Line 1 exports the school id number
  • Line 2 exports student grade level
  • Line 3 exports the students nam in last, first middle format
  • Line 4 exports the student number
  • Line 5 exports the name of the teacher teacher 8(A)
  • Line 6 exports the name of the teacher teaching 8-8(A)
  1. schoolid
  2. grade_level
  3. lastfirst
  4. student_number
  5. ^(*period_info;8(A);teacher_name)
  6. ^(*period_info;7-8(A);teacher_name)
The export can be modified to export from any period/expression.  A school using block schedules could use ^(*period_info;5(B);teacher_name) to list 5B classes. This function would not export students with 1(A) 5(B) blocks. To export home room use HR(A-B) for A-B schedules  or HR(A) for Single Day Schedules.

PowerSchool tracks periods and days together in a single expression. The first part of the expression is the period and the (second part) is the day. So 1(A) is period one A day.

Copy This the the Quick Export Box:

Try this for Elementary Schools

Students in grades 1-5 teachers will list in column 5, Kindergarten AM in column 6 and Kindergarten PM students in column 7.