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PowerSchool Version 6.2 Changes

posted May 17, 2010, 12:48 PM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
New Features In PowerSchool Version 6.2
  • PowerTeacher 2.0 with full support for standards - Entering Standard's Data
  • Viewing Final Grade and Standards

  • Mobile Web Pages for administrators and teachers 

  • Single Sign-On for parents with multiple students, plus automated password recovery for parents

  • A new Graduation Planner - Will let counselors, parents and student track graduation based on year and focus.
  • Attendance Tracking & Notification - Automatic reminders generated when a students attendance trips a customized threshold.
New Testing Features and Future Plans
    • Integrated graphs for GPA - Assessment comparison (implemented)
    • Expanded Formative Assessment Tracking and Integration (summer - fall)
    • Automatic Administrative At Risk notification based on historical and current GPA, attendance, assessment and log entries.
    Reminders for Summer
    1. PowerSchool Update and Data Rollover July 12 - 16 PowerSchool will be down most of the week of July 12 - 16 to promote students and prepare data for the fall. 
    2. State reports will be due a week earlier than usual July 8. Please have all data corrected and audited using the Clearinghouse Reports before June 15
    3. We suggest that fall schedules be completed using PowerScheduler before the end of June and committed before students are promoted in July.
    4. UTIPS will be purged over the summer to facilitate matching classes and students with PowerSchool.
    5. Principals Academy will cover several Technical areas:
      • On-line Resources for Teachers and Students - Presented by Charlie Roberts
      • PowerSchool Reports and Functions for Administrators - Presented by Jim Black, Ken Kirkeby and Lawrence Esplin
      • PowerSchool Assessment Integration Project - Presented by Jim Black, Ken Kirkeby and Lawrence Esplin
      • PowerSchool 6.2 New Features: Standards, Mobile and Parent Single Sign On - Presented by Jim Black, Ken Kirkeby and Lawrence Esplin
      • Online Content Managment and Teacher Website Managment Importance (Using your site as good PR) - Presented by Cody Plumhof