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Tutorial: Honor Roll

posted Nov 3, 2008, 7:24 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org

Getting Started

Honor Roll is used to designate academic achievement for students.

Basic features of Honor Roll:

  • Must be setup at the school level.
  • May be exclusive to one school, or available to all schools.
  • May be based on GPA, Course Credit and/or Grades.  It is possible to use any combination of the three options or just one.
  • Must be associated with a GPA calculation method, which determines the grades that are used to assign Honor Roll.

Honor Roll Method

To setup the Honor Roll:

  1. Log into the appropriate school and navigate to Start Page > School > Honor Roll.
  2. Select New and assign a name, description and school access level.  The name and description are for internal use only.
  3. Submit the page.

Honor Roll Levels

  1. From the Honor Roll Methods screen, select Levels next to the new Honor Roll Method.
  2. Populate the Honor Roll Level name, description, evaluation order, and message.
  • Name: The name can be used in reports with the Honor Roll DAT (data access tag).
  • Description: The description is for internal use only.
  • Evaluation Order: The levels should be listed for evaluation from most difficult to achieve to least difficult to achieve.  If the least difficult level was evaluated first, all students would be placed in this level before being evaluated for the more difficult levels.
  • Message: The message can be used in reports to describe the Honor Roll achievement.

GPA Options

Associating the Honor Roll with a GPA calculation method is mandatory for Honor Roll setup. The GPA calculation method determines which grades are used to assign Honor Roll.

It is not necessary to use GPAs to determine the Honor Roll.  You may leave the "Comparison" field blank if you choose to base the Honor Roll off of course credit or grades.

Credit Options

To use course credit to determine Honor Roll, enter an option for potential and/or earned credit.  Populating a value for "Number of unique courses" is optional.  It is not necessary to use credit options to determine the Honor Roll.

For example, the school may require a student to have taken courses worth 10 credits or more (potential credit), or the school may require that the student earned the 10 credits (earned credit).  Potential credit is usually used with current grades, when credit has not yet been awarded.  Earned credit is usually used with historical grades, after current grades and earned credit have been stored.  Whether the Honor Roll uses current or historical grades is determined by the GPA calculation method.

The school may also require that the 10 credits are the result of a certain number of classes using the "Number of unique courses" option.  This option excludes students who participated in a course worth more than the usual number of credits. For example, if the student achieved a high score for one course worth 10 credits, but the school requires that the student at least 7 courses, the student would not qualify for this Honor Roll level.

Grade Options

To use grades to determine the Honor Roll, enter grades in the Grade Options section.  It is possible to use one of the options, or a combination of all four options. It is not necessary to use grade options to determine the Honor Roll.

Grade Option Examples:


Honor Roll Level Summary

Using the example in the image below, this Honor Roll level will be awarded to students with:

  • A GPA >= 3.5 according to the "Honor Roll" GPA calculation method setup at the district.
  • Grades with Course Credit >= 1.0
  • Grades with Earned Credit = 3.0
  • Credit for the two criteria above must be derived from three or more Courses
  • Student must have at least one A+, A, or A-
  • Student cannot have any D+,  D, D-, F, I, or N grades

Calculating the Honor Roll

Once the Honor Roll Method and Honor Roll Levels are setup, the Honor Roll can be calculated.  Calculating the Honor Roll creates records in the [HonorRoll] table.

To calculate the Honor Roll:

  1. Select the appropriate students on the Start Page.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > System > Calculate Honor Roll.
  3. Verify that the correct number of students are in the selection.
  4. Enter a store code to be associated with the Honor Roll.  The store code can be any letter and number combination; it is not determined by any setup in PowerSchool.
  5. Select the appropriate Honor Roll Method.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Records are now stored in the [HonorRoll] table.

Example [HonorRoll] Record:


Which Grades are Used to Determine the Honor Roll?

To determine which grade records are used to assign Honor Roll, refer to the GPA calculation method associated with the Honor Roll Method.

  1. Log into the District and navigate to Start Page > District > GPA Calculations > Calculation Methods, and select the appropriate method.

Example GPA calculation method setup for Honor Roll:

Grades included according to the GPA calculation method pictured above:

  • Current/Historical:  Historical Grades only (Calculation Type = Cumulative)
  • Store Code: S1 (Terms = S1)
  • Grade level: Any
  • Terms: 2008-2009 School Year (School years = 2008)
  • Credit type:  Any or none
  • Count in GPA:  Yes
  • Count in Class Rank: Yes or No
  • Count in Honor Roll: Yes
  • Associated with a course with Potential Credit: Yes

Example Historical Grade Record: