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Tutorial: Class Rank

posted Nov 3, 2008, 6:56 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org

Getting Started

Class Rank is used to rank students based on GPA.  Setting up Class Rank involves selecting or setting up a GPA Calculation method at the District, defining a Class Rank method at the school and calculating the Class Rank at the school. Class Rank records are stored in the [ClassRank] table.

Basic features of Class Rank:

  • Setup at the school level.
  • Based on GPA.
  • Must be associated with a GPA calculation method setup at the district.

Class Rank Method

To setup the Class Rank:

  1. Log into the appropriate school and navigate to Start Page > School > Class Rank.
  2. Choose Class Rank Methods.
  3. Click New and assign the following:


Enter a name for the Class Rank Method.  This name is used for internal purposes only.

GPA Calculation Method:

Select the appropriate GPA calculation method.  To review the available GPA calculation methods, log into the District and navigate to Start Page > District > GPA Calculations > Calculation Methods.  For more information about Class Rank GPA calculation methods, refer to the section "Which Grades are Used to Determine the Class Rank?" below.

GPA Result is:

Choose whether the GPA should display as numeric or text.

Only Include Grades:

Choose whether to only include grades associated with a course/section marked to be included in class rank.  To view this course/section setting, log into a school and navigate to Start Page > School > Section, choose a course, then choose a section and scroll down to the "Include in Class Rank?" option.  If the option reads "Same as course," you may navigate to Start Page > School > Courses, select a course and scroll down to the "Include in Class Rank?" option.

Exclude Students:

Choose whether to exclude students who have been marked to be excluded from Class Rank.  To exclude a student from Class Rank, select the student on the Start Page, then select the "Other Information" student screen, check the box "Exclude From Class Ranking" and submit the page.

Include Early Graduates?:

This checkbox filters for students that have already exited the school using an exit code that identifies early graduation. If selected, specify the early graduation exit code in the "Early Graduation Code" field.

Early Graduation Code:

If the "Include Early Graduates?" field is checked, enter the exit code that signifies early graduation.

Calculating the Class Rank

To calculate the Class Rank:

  1. Log into the appropriate school.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > School > Class Rank.
  3. Choose "Recalculation Frequency."
  4. Choose an option from the drop-down "Recalculate current class ranks."
  5. Submit the page.
  6. Choose "Recalculation Frequency" a second time.
  7. Click "Recalculate Now."
  8. Records are now created in the [ClassRank] table.

Which Grades are Used to Determine the Class Rank?

To determine which grade records are used to determine the Class Rank, refer to the GPA calculation method associated with the Class Rank Method. Log into the District and navigate to Start Page > District > GPA Calculations > Calculation Methods, and select the appropriate method.

Example GPA calculation method:

According to this GPA calculation method, the following grades are included in the Class Rank:

  • Current/Historical:  Historical Grades only (Calculation Type = Cumulative)
  • Store Code: S1 (Terms = S1)
  • Grade level: Any
  • Terms: 2007-2008 School Year (School years = 2007)
  • Credit type:  Any or none
  • Count in GPA:  Yes
  • Count in Class Rank: Yes
  • Count in Honor Roll: Yes or No
  • Associated with a course with Potential Credit: Yes or No