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Spring PowerSchool Training

posted Apr 20, 2010, 7:31 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
  • PowerSchool Training Site
  • Bulletin Items
  • Years - Terms - Current Display
  • Useful and Complex Searches
  • Google Docs
  • Group and Student Email
  • Attendance Letters and maintenance
End of Year Review
  • Clearing House Reports
    • AC Records Check Section - Teacher - Course Information - Red indicated the specific problem
          AC record problems are fixed using the following:
              Most use School - Sections and then editing the section or clicking on the Section link
              Staff screen - Edit INfo or the link under teacher name to fix Cactus ID errors
              School - Courses to fix core code problems
      AM Records Check Student Class Enrollment Information
          AM records are diagnosed and corrected by selecting the student and comparing the All Enrollment Screen with the Transfer Information Screen.

      S2 Records - Special Programs will be corrected by Special Education Department

      S1 Records - School Enrollment and Demographics Information
          Student records are corrected using the Modify Info, Other, State Specific and Transfer Information screens. 
          The Error link should take you to the correct screen in most cases.

  • Other Quick Reports - Duplicates (removed 30 pairs this spring)
  • Pre-Registration Kindergarten, Transferring or New Enrollments not attending in the district this year
    • / search to find
    • Pre school students can be accessed in PowerScheduler once they have been pointed to your school using the next school indicator
    • Remember to use the first day of next year for the enrollment date.
  • Scheduling
New Items
  • Assessment Reports
  • New Federal Race and Ethnicity Guidelines.
  • PowerSchool 6.2
    • Parent Single Sign In
    • Mobil Administrator
    • PowerTeacher 2.0 - Standards