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Springing, Spring - Training Agenda

posted Feb 28, 2011, 6:35 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
Spring Scheduling Training Agenda

Spring Training is a review for registrars to prepare for scheduling and preregistration. THere will also be a review of new features and reports.

Procedures for preregistration.
  • Create a term for the new year. There is no neet to create all of the Trimesters or Quarters at this time. This step is one time only.
  • Enroll students using the Enroll New Student Link from the PowerSchool Start Page. Remember to search carefully to insure a duplicate student record is not created. 
  • Populate all the enrollment fields. For enrollment date, enter the first day of next year's school year. Also, verify that the grade level and school correct for the next year.
  • Make sure the modify info page is complete including ethnicity, gender and home address.
  • After the student is pre enrolled go to Scheduling Setup and enter the required fields.
  • To find Pre-Enrolled students you must use a slash search. To find all pre-enrolled students type /enroll_status = -1 in the search field.
Scheduling and Enrollment Procedures
  • When adding new students please check the Scheduling Setup Screen and make sure they are ready to register and promote. Grades 5 - 11 students will also need course requests.
  • When dropping students, especially those transferring in the district remove all requests for the current school. Students transferring out or district should be set to not schedule and the next school should be set to blank.
Review Scheduling and Enrollment reports.

Review Parent Portal - address change requests.

Helping parents with parent login and changing passwords.

Communication between schools.

  • Add Link for Student Scheduling Functions for Scheduling Functions