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Principals Academy - PowerSchool Assessment Integration Project and Reports and Functions for Administrators

posted Jun 2, 2010, 12:30 PM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
PowerSchool Assessment Integration Project and Reports and Functions for Administrators
Presented by Jim Black, Ken Kirkeby and Lawrence Esplin

This session will concentrate on new assessment reports integrating CRT, Iowa, UBSCT and others assessments into PowerSchool. Discussion will include strategies for selecting and evaluating student groups using various reports and tools. Reports showing student year-to-year progress, teacher and curriculum impact, GPA - CRT comparison will be demonstrated. Time will be allocated for principals' input on data integration and the direction of the project.

The session includes an overview of PowerSchool administrative reports and functions including native PowerSchool and Washington County School District Additions. Reports designed for General Information, Scheduling, Transcripts, State Reporting and Specific Program Groups will be illustrated. Presenters will demonstrate methods for finding students and identifying reports suitable for making data based decisions. Ideas and questions concerning future development will besolicited in the session.


Upon completion of this course participants will: 

  • Use PowerSchool reports and functions to find and assist students that are at risk
  • Access reports to compare student progress and make data driven decisions to improve the school environment
  • Choose the right report to perform a desired task
  • Understand the next steps in integrating assessment and student information
I Need a Report That Will Tell Me...
  • Who is enrolled and attending school?
  • What year end test do we need to work on the most?
  • Which students are at risk?
  • How do classes compare on an assessment?
  • How a group of students' GPAs compare to their test scores?
  • How mobile is my student body? How does mobility effect student achievement?
  • How can I focus on a specific group of students?
  • How do I find the group of students I want?
    • All of a teachers students
    • A specific demographic
    • Multiple criteria
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What is Next?

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