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PowerTeacher 2012-2013 ver 2.5

posted Sep 7, 2012, 9:22 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
New in PowerTeacher for 2012-2013

The Bad:
  • New Passwords - Next year we will make the reset fall in September. As an alternative you can change your password any time and that will postpone the forced reset.
  • No one ever looks at the help available on the PowerSchool Help and Training Site. See the PowerTeacher Intro on the right.
The Good?
  • There is no place like HOME! Sometimes the best change is no change and the PowerTeacher home screen hasn't changed much. Some of the pages and functions under the links have changed for the better. Have you used Email to contact your students? How about using a report to identify At Risk Learners in your classes? If you need a report do you ask the office to print it or can you create your own attendance or assignment sheet?
  • A
    ttendance has major changes this year in PowerTeacher and can be accessed form the GradeBook. Comments and the ability to see and mark Multi-Day are the most significant changes. Teacher can now make a comment explaining the attendance mark that is easily accessible for the teacher and the office staff. Teachers can also access staff comments. Teachers can see and mark attendance using a multi day view. Medical, Guardian, Discipline and other alerts are also available on the attendance screen. 

    Add a comment to an attendance mark in Single Day or Seating Chart mode.

  • Seating Charts are now native to PowerTeacher. After setting up a class the teacher and even a substitute can mark roll using the seating chart. Along with Single Day. Seating Chart can be used to comment on attendance marks. Objects like desks, whiteboards, text notes and doors are included to add visual clues to orientation in the classroom.

  • Reports
    are not new to PowerTeacher but there are a few new reports available to Teachers. There are three types of reports. Class selection reports found by clicking the printer icon and Teacher selection reports located in the Reports Menu on the right of the teacher home screen. There are also student specific pages found in the Backpack or Info Icon. Each has a place and purpose. Lets look at the Teacher Specific Reports first.
    Assessment Reports choose a class past or present. Previous year classes will include a year.
    Now pick an assessment:
    Now to Class Specific Reports found by clicking the Report Icon.

    Using Quick Info Reports to review student achievement and access academic risk. There are several categories of Quick Info Reports ranging from Attendance to Student Lists.

Gradebook Review
  • Overview - To view second semester classes go to the full year view. Teachers can also view last years grades. The Scoresheet Tab/View is default.

  • Grade Scales and Calculations must be set before final grades will calculate for parents and students.

    Alternate scales can be be created and applied to a class or a select group of students.

  • Gradebook Reports provide teachers with a quick way to customize and print student data. 

    Below is an example of an Attendance Grid Report setup.

  • Content allows teachers to customize each class and provide information, help and assignments for students and teachers. 

    Specific content can be added to each assignment. 

  • Individual Reports and Pages include a new feature that allows teachers to create and view some logs including: interventions, High Ability Logs and the discipline logs they create themselves.