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PowerSchool Year End Training Meeting - UTREX

posted Apr 30, 2013, 10:59 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org


Review PowerSchool - UTREX Error Checks - Quick Info - Clearinghouse
- Lawrence

  • 2 - S1 Student Demographics Check - Full Birth Certificate Name

  • D1 - S2 Special Programs Check

  • 1 - AC Course Information Check

  • 4 - AM Class Enrollment Check
  • Incidents
Immunization Checks - Jim
  • New Reports

  • 4a - Dose Detail for Pink Card (CS) - This report lists all dose records for the selected students and shows any non compliant doses. It will also print on PInk Cards and print a WCSD Immunization Report for parents showing non compliant doses.
  • Immunization Check

  • Print a Report - WCSD Reports - Individual student screen.

  • 4b - Find Invalid Dose Records - This report search all students in a school and finds any invalid doses or student that have no dose records.
  • Next year the number of Health Reports will be reduced and all will be based on the logic from 4a - 4b.
Examples of Quick Info Reports that search - Anything not marked as (CS) - Ken
  • Student Lists - Entries and Exits Between
  • Student Lists - Students attending from other schools
  • Student Lists - Students in a Specified Course
  • Scheduling Future - Future Students List w Feeder
Using field names and multiple arguments to make your own super search. - Jim
  • View Field List
  • ; adds an and to your search 
    • grade_level = 0;UT_KindergartenType # NN

  • How to search gives an overview of the process 
S1 X Records are used to update students Exit Codes and Graduation Status. - Lawrence
  • X records only update the last Exit Code and the Graduation Status.
  • Creating an X record
  • October 15 is the last day to update the previous years cohort status.
  • X records are most important for 9 - 12 grades
  • Can use to update graduation Status GP, RT, etc.
PowerSchool Summer Down Time 7/8/2013 - 7/12/2013 - Ken

Notes from State Data Meeting - Jim, Ken, Lawrence
  • A few Legislative Bills affecting education
    • Parents opting out of assessments - count different than being absent for an assessment.
    • SB-175ACT for all students still in the works.
    • HB-318 - More class size reporting coming because of legislative mandate. How we spend class size money.
    • SB-82 - New parent reporting requirements. We seem to already meet this requirement.
  • SSID numbers for students not enrolled in school (School Numbers 990 and 995).
    • Assessment only
    • Migrant Workers children
  • UTREX Final Deadline July 8, 2013
  • Key Dates for Graduation Rates
    • January 1 - first check for next year possible dropouts
    • July - Final UTREX submission - Dropouts are reported
    • October 1 last day for federal grad rate changes
    • October 15 last day to update graduation class S1 X records to amend dropouts from cohort
  • Dropout come from students with exit codes of TS and TD that do not reenroll in a state school. Students with exit codes of UN, DO etc are also dropouts but can only be fixed with an S1 X record.
  • Adult Graduation reports to WCSD and the S1 X records will be created GG and GC.
  • Expulsion vs Suspension
  • School Finance
    • 180 day conflicts with other districts - Part Time students and Membership Share.
    • Supporting Documentation - for TH, TO, TC
  • Migrant Education
  • Web Services may add function to find Cactus Numbers and other USOE infromation.
  • SSN and CTE - the state no longer collects Social Security Numbers except for CTE they keep the records long enough to complete there placement reports. If they don't have SSN they the schools will need to collect survey data.
  • Concurrent Enrollment only matched by 13 code in Core Code.
  • Learning Strategies vs Study Skills (Special Education) vs no credit Study Hall or Home Room.
  • SOEP and storing grades - no F can take two years to complete. 
  • Unsecured data sharing is a no no.
  • State will provide data for next OCR reports.
Review of *Search Functions - Jim, Ken, Lawrence
Enrolled in Course.Section
Format: *enrolled_in=[Course_Number].[Section_Number}
Example: *enrolled_in=SOC1000
Example: *enrolled_in=SOC1000.5

Not Enrolled in Course.Section
Format: *not_enrolled_in=[Course_Number].[Section_Number]
Example: *not_enrolled_in=SOC1000
Example: *not_enrolled_in=SOC1000.5

From Another School Enrolled in Courses Here
Format: *secondarystudents=[Grade_Level]
Example: *secondarystudents=all
Example: *secondarystudents=5

From any School Enrolled in Courses Here
Format: *allstudents=[Grade_Level]
Example: *allstudents=5
Example: *allstudents=all

Not enrolled in Period
Format: *not_enrolled_in_period=[Internal Period Number]
Example: *not_enrolled_in_period=1

Enrolled in Special Program
Format: *special_program=[Special Program Name]
Example: *special_program=Gifted

Enrolled in Number of Classes
Format: *number_of_classes[operator][number]
Example: *number_of_classes=7
Example: *number_of_classes<8
Example: *number_of_classes>6

(PowerScheduler) Requested Credit Hours in Scheduling Year
Format: *hours_requested[operator][number]
Example: *hours_requested<11
Example: *hours_requested=10
Example: *hours_requested>9

(Live Side) Requested Credit Hours in Current Year
Format: *currenthours_requested[operator][number]
Example: *currenthours_requested=5
Example: *currenthours_requested<6
Example: *currenthours_requested>4

Birthday (Anniversary) is MM/DD
Format: *birthday=[MM/DD]
Example: *birthday=today
Example: *birthday=03/01
Example: *birthday>=04/01;*birthday<=04/30

Active in Current School as of MM/DD/YYYY
Format: *as_of=[MM/DD/YYYY]
Example: *as_of=03/01/2011

Made Inactive During the School Year
Format: /enroll_status#0;exitdate>=[First Day of School]
Example: /enroll_status#0;exitdate>=08/26/2011

Has At Least One Historical Grade for Course Number
Format: *has_completed_course=[CourseNumber]
Example: *has_completed_course=9500

Has No Historical Grades for Course_Number
Format: *has_not_completed=[Course_Number}

Less Than Number Credit Hours in Historical Grades
Format: *cumulative_credit_hours[operator][number]
Example: *cumulative_credit_hours<15
Example: *cumulative_credit_hours=14
Example: *cumulative_credit_hours>13

More than Number Meeting Attendance Points
Format: *attendance_points[operator][value]
Example *attendance_points>10
Example *attendance_points=11
Example *attendance_points<12