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PowerSchool Changes August 2013

posted Aug 1, 2013, 9:14 AM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated Aug 1, 2013, 2:42 PM ]

What’s New in PowerSchool 7.8 according to Pearson - Ken

PowerSchool 7.8 represents a milestone for achieving several of the key customer enhancement requests. Pearson is listening closely to customer feedback, and is pleased to announce several new features in PowerSchool 7.8. 

  • Unified Teacher Record. The #1 enhancement request is now available in PowerSchool 7.8. With a unified teacher record, PowerSchool now allows a single teacher or staff account to span multiple schools, with different roles and security groups for each school, a duplicate check for existing teachers and account consolidation, as well as school switching from within PowerTeacher. 

Review of Sections with multiple teachers: Lawrence

Remember to add 
    • Instruction Type before saving a new record.

    • Section Numbers should start with the school number and then have two digits to make the number unique.

  • Export/Import for Incident data. PowerSchool already allows Incident records to be imported using the Data Import Manager as of PowerSchool 7.7. PowerSchool 7.8 now includes the Incident data set in the Data Export Manager. PowerSchool 7.8 also supports import and export of Transportation records using these improved data management tools. 
  • Performance, Scalability, Extensibility. We have vastly improved performance and scalability throughout the application, as well as taking the first steps to move custom fields to a new schema extension framework. 
  • And more! Additional updates include enhancements for course history, course availability, managing historical grades records, the PowerSchool API, Schoolnet integration, and more! 

Features and Enhancements - Will We Notice?

  • PowerSchool performance improvements. - We hope you notice.
  • Data Import and Export Manager updates. - We hope you notice. 
  • Alternate launch of PowerTeacher Gradebook and ReportWorks on Windows and Mac. - This may help Teachers. 
  • Update to Historical Grade Record. - We will see. 
  • Improvements to PowerSchool API. - We hope you notice when we start using this for integration.
  • Oracle update via PowerSchool Installer. - We noticed and it wasn't good. - Ken
  • Unified Teacher Record. - You notice this is good see image above. 
  • Pearson Integration improvements. - NA.
  • Course Management Changes. - You will notice. 

Major changes to Manage courses for this school. We are looking for input on how to best implement this for schools.

Features Instituted in 7.7
  • All student field lists now have a filter to find student fields. - Good Stuff.

Quick Info Reports Review
  • If you seek you will find. There are currently more than 250 Quick Info reports divided into 21 categories. Perhaps the best way to find a report is to use the Search for Quick Info Report link on the start page.
  • Quick info reports we think may be useful:
  • Immunization Reports - Lawrence

  • Review
    • Search for new students before adding - Jim
    • SIF and UTREX - Ken
    • Master Schedule and Mass Scheduling - Lawrence
  • Questions - Jim
  • Complaints - Lawrence
  • Issues - Ken