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PowerSchool Year End Report (UTREX Upload) Preparation

posted Sep 20, 2011, 6:49 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
April 20 - 23 Sessions will review the following information:

Military Children - State Specific Screen

Enrolling Students for Next Year including Kindergarten and Title 1 - Please enroll students in PowerSchool following the standard process and using the enter date of 8/15/2012. Please have all pre-enrolled students in PowerSchool before the end of school. Kindergarten and title 1 students need to be in classes in PowerScheduler or Transportation won't be able to set schedules.

New USOE Entry and Exit Training: USOE Training Link.
This course provides information on the proper use of high school completion codes. Improperly using these codes could increase a school's dropout rate. Included are codes and examples of how and when to use them. 

The training is used to identify and correct Unknown Students/Dropouts in the 2012 and following cohorts

To give LEAs more time to research and rectify errors in their students with unknown statuses, LEAs can request a list of these students through MOVEIT.  This file will contain a list of students who are included in the LEA’s 2012 4-year cohort and who have exited the LEA with a:  TS (transfer within state),  TD (transfer within district),  TR (transfer to charter) exit code, or  Any students that disappeared during the summer that have not enrolled in another school/LEA. 

Foreign Exchange students and students that permanently check out of the district over the summer need exit coded entered. They should still use the 5/23/2012 date.

Never Reenroll students to print transcripts! Just find the student and then print the transcript. UTREX Errors invalidate membership.

UTREX Errors and Procedures
  • More immediate and comprehensive checks

  • Error records do not invalidate file

  • September 1st, 5 Year Rule 

Review UTREX Reports and Error Resolution
  • Audit Reports - Because UTREX will eventually upload data daily it is important to check the Audit Reports often to make sure data is accurate and up to date.

  • AC - Master Schedule

  • AM - Class Membership Records

  • S1 - Student Membership

  • S2 - SCRAM Membership - Special Education department will correct these errors
  • S3 - Youth In Custody Membership - Millcreek staff will correct these errors
Parent - Staff Login Problems
  • Finding Parents
  • Or you can find the student an see who can access that student record by choosing Access Accounts.
    Clicking on the parent name opens the same screen as the Search Parent page and showa all students the parent can access.
Other Reports and Search For a Report
  • CS vs Query Reports

  • Attendance Notices

  • How can we find all non Englis Speakers primarylanguage # (Review PowerSchools Query function)
  • Why are there still gender errors when I enter the gender each time I create a new student record.
  • How can I check on missing immunizations foe a single type.