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What do I do if I find a duplicate student?

  1. Find each of the duplicate students and check demographics, schedules, Transfer and enrollment history.
  2. Determine which student needs to be dropped.
    • Usually the lowest student number is the one we want to keep. These records have state student numbers (SSID) and are linked to testing and historical information outside of PowerSchool.
    • The lowest numbered record should also have transfer Information detailing where the student has been enrolled over the past few years.
  3. If you have enrolled the wrong student.
    • Print out the schedule and then drop the classes
    • Drop the student from school with a comment noting they are a duplicate.
    • Transfer the student record to THS.
    • Enroll the correct student in school and then in class.
  4. Send a list of duplicate students noting which record should be deleted and which should be kept and send it to lesplin@tech.washk12.org.