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New Year - New PowerSchool

posted Jul 29, 2014, 2:37 PM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated Jul 31, 2014, 8:26 AM ]
Almost every year PowerSchool comes out with a major release over the summer. This year the new version is PowerSchool 8.0. Just like every year there are some cool additions making the update worthwhile but at the same time new bugs or should I say features are introduced as well. The update is complete and there is already a 8.01 fix. 

The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the new features and remind users of the tools that are already available. Lets get started with the new features.

PowerSchool 8.0 Features we want you to know about
  • Enhanced PowerSchool Search and user interface improvements - Lawrence
Field List

Remember Help is available on every page. See the example below:

Student Search

Learning how to perform searches is the key to using PowerSchool, since you select a student or group of students with whom you are going to work. Before you can do any type of work on a student's record or on a group's records, select the individual or group. By performing a search, you make such a selection. The most simple search finds just one student, but it is possible to perform searches that are more complex.

When performing both simple and advanced searches, it is important to keep in the mind the following:

    • Any work with student records always begins with a search. You must tell PowerSchool which records to retrieve to work with an individual student record or a group of students.
    • Enter field names in the Search field exactly as they are written in the field list. PowerSchool cannot find a field when its spelling does not match the fields in PowerSchool. Placement of underscores (_) is just as important. To verify the correct spelling of a field, clickView Field List on the PowerSchool start page.
    • While the spelling of the field name is important, the case is not. Enter gender=fGender=FGENDer=F, or any variation thereof. PowerSchool searches are not case-sensitive.
    • Separate different search criteria in the command line with a semicolon (;).

Searching for Student Records

PowerSchool provides powerful tools to search the database of students at your school. On the start page, use the box labeled "Search Students" to find students by surname. For example, enter MA to find all students whose last names begin with MA.

  • Student search codes available in start page field list:
  • Multiple search arguments and the semicolon - *number_of_classes = 0;grade_level = 1 
PowerSchool 8.0 Features You probably don't care about - Ken
  • Database Extension and Page Customization feature enhancements 
  • Additional fields supported with field level security 
  • PowerSchool special education add-on module, powered by TIENET 
  • Localization enhancements 
  • Database Extensions enhancements for data access and editing 
  • PowerSchool Installer supporting an upgrade to Oracle 12c 
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook 2.8 enhancements
Reminders from Last Year
  • PowerSchool help and information site for WCSD. http://pstrain.washk12.org/ - Ken
    • Training notes
    • PowerSchool Guides
    • WCSD Guides
    • School and district, state summary reports, Oct 1 and Year End.

  • New Students - Search first and check carefully before creating a new record. - Ken

  • Setup new students Next_School and Next Year Grade - Ken

  • Dropping students - Please add a complete comment like: "Moving to Jordan School District," "Moving out of state," or "Transferring to home school papers on file." - Ken
  • Adding new or moving Staff from another school in the district. Use Create New Staff and enter the name. PowerSchool will list possible matches for you to choose to add to your school. - Lawrence
  • Quick Info Reports - How do I find the report I need? Search for Quick Info Report. - Ken

  • Useful Reports - Ken
    • Immunization Reports - Lawrence
  • PowerSchool Setup and Troubleshooting - Ken
    • 1 Database server and 5 Application Servers
    • How do I know where I am? Lower left PSA1 - PSA5
    • Chrome is the best browser for PS. Explorer especially old versions struggles.
  • Elementary Live Scheduling: - Lawrence
    • Check the calendar School - Calendar Setup
    • Check sections and if they are not there System - Copy Master Schedule
    • Modify Schedule to match the current year
    • Select Students 
  • New year cleaning: - Ken
    • Activities - System - Clear Activities
    • Notice1 - Notice3 - See Attendance guide in the left menu.
  • SIF and UTREX - Ken
  • Questions - Ken and Lawrence
  • Complaints - Lawrence
  • Issues - Ken
Get on the List - Email jim.black@washk12.org and ask to be included in the PowerSchool List.

Need access to your school's Transcript Archive email lawrence.esplin@washk12.org.