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New District Search/Enroll New Student

posted May 11, 2009, 7:42 AM by Jim Black
We have combined the District Search and Enroll New Students features.

To enroll a new student, you may click on District Search or Enroll New Student from the main PowerSchool page or choose Enroll New Student from Special Functions.  All of these links will take you to the same page.

You will start with the option to search for the student:

You will then get a list of the students that matched your search:

Notice that some of the Student Numbers are blue.  These are students that you could choose to enroll in your school.

When you select a student, you will be take to a verification screen so you can see if you have selected the correct student.  Also, double check that the New Enrollment School is your school number.

If this is the correct student and information then press Submit and the student will be transfered to your school and then you fill out the Re-Enroll Student information
If this was not the correct student, click the Back button and select a different student. 

If the student you are searching for is not on the list, choose New Student at the bottom of the search screen:

And then follow the normal New Student procedures.