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Listing Student GPA

posted Oct 27, 2008, 7:09 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
There are several ways to list student GPAs and Class Rankings. The easiest is to choose Reports from the PowerSchool Home Page then choose Run Reports. The quickest report is Class Rankings, see image below:

You will need to print the report for each class. It looks like the list below. I have omitted the names and numbers in the second and third columns.

If you need to export the data then you will need to use quick export. Quick export will be slower because it calculated the GPAs for students on the fly.
  • Step 1 select the student group you want to export.
  • Step 2 choose Quick Export form the functions at the bottom of the student list.
  • Step 3 enter the fields you wish to export and include one or more GPA functions.  The following columns will list a students grade, number, name, 9-12 GPA, Quarter 1 2008 GPA and class rank. Feel free to copy the code to your browser and modify the grade, year, term and method to meet your needs.
^(*gpa method="weighted" Grade=”9,10,11,12”)
^(*gpa method="weighted" Term=”Q1”  Year=”2008”)
^(*class_rank_out_of;*gpa method="weighted")

You can access other codes and functions in the help files. Object Report Codes and PS_Codes. Not all codes work in quick export but many do. Remember using ^(functions) will take more time than exporting fields like last_name or grade_level.