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Lab Aide - Treasures Export

posted Aug 31, 2010, 11:31 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
This Procedure outlines the steps for ElementaryLab Aides to export student information from PowerSchool for use in Treasures.
  • PowerSchool Access - If you do not have access to PowerSchool. obtain a userid and password for PowerSchool. The userid may by your first initial + your last name. You password may be first name + school number. When you log on to PowerSchool for the first time use the Personalize link on the left to change the password.
  • Log in to PowerSchool - In your favorite browser, we recommend FireFox, type the PowerSchool URL psa.washk12.org/admin and then hit the Return or Enter key. 
URLs are generally typed in near the top of the browser screen.

If you entered the URL correctly a screen resembling the screen below will appear.
Enter your userid then a ; (semicolon) then your password. This will bring you to the PowerSchool main page. See image below.

  • Change your Password by selecting Personalize from the menu on the left. Enter your old password in the first field and then your new password in the bottom two fields. 
  • Now lets get to work. FIrst click on the PowerSchool Log, top left. Click on Teacher Schedules to get a list of teachers. To choose a teacher just click on the name.
  •  After you select a teacher, to access their students just click on the "Make all students listed above the current selection" link.
Next you will see the Function Page. Choose "Export Using Template" from the list. 
Choose Students as the type of file to export and click submit.
Choose the Export Template named Treasures Students from the list. Check the radio button next to "The Selected ?? students" it should be the number of students enrolled with the teacher. Click Submit to continue.
If you are using FireFox and it is the first time you have exported from PowerSchool, the following window will appear. Select  Save File and click OK. Your file is now ready to import. You may want to rename the file and include the teachers name. Change the file extension from .text to .txt. Tony's instruction will take you through importing the file into Treasures.