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Java Update 1.6.0_12 Prevents PowerTeacher Gradebook From Launching on Windows Clients

posted Feb 13, 2009, 6:06 PM by Jim Black
Note from Pearson:


PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.5 will not launch on a Windows Clients if Java 1.6.0_12 has been installed.


When trying to launch PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.5, an Application Error will appear.

Expected Results

PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.5 will launch.

Actual Results

An Application Error message appears and PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.5 will not launch.


Revert to Java 1.6.0_11.

In Control Panel > Add Remove Programs  uninstall Java Update 1.6.0_12

If it was a fresh install of Java 1.6.0_12 then uninstall it and download and install 1.6.0_11Click here to download Java 1.6.0_11


Check that in the Java settings in the Control Panel that it is set for Direct Connection and not using a proxy server.