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How to Create and Assign Next School Indicators

posted Dec 11, 2008, 11:05 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org

A next school indicator is a value assigned to each student in the district that determines the following:

  • The school that the student will attend in the upcoming school year after running the End of Year process.
  • The school that the student will be scheduled for in PowerScheduler.

If a student is assigned an invalid next school indicator value, PowerScheduler or the End of Year process may not function correctly. This article describes how to create and assign next school indicators.

Create Next School Indicators

The next school indicators at a given school should represent all schools that a student may be promoted (demoted) to when running the End of Year process. They also represent the schools that a student can be scheduled for within PowerScheduler.

For instance, if in your district, elementary school students cannot transfer directly to the high school, the high school should not be setup as a next school indicator at the elementary school. This section describes how to create a next school indicator.

  • Navigate to Start Page > School Setup > Next School. The Next School page appears and lists all next school indicators setup for your school.
  • Click New. The Edit Next School Record page appears.
  • Enter a school name.
  • Enter the school abbreviation.
  • Enter the school number. This school number must exist as a valid school number on your server.
  • Select the sort order for the display of the new next school indicator.
  • Submit your changes.
  • Repeat steps 3 through 8 for any new next school indicators at the current school.

Assign Next School Indicators - Single Student

This section describes how to assign a next school indicator to a single student.

    1. Select a student.
    2. Navigate to the Scheduling Setup student screen.
    3. Locate the Next School Indicator popup menu.
    4. Select a value from the popup menu.
    5. Submit the page.

Assign Next School Indicators - Student Selection

At times you may need to assign a next school indicator to a group of students. For example, if all students in grade 7 are being promoted to grade 8 at the same school, they can all be assigned the same next school indicator. This section describes how to assign a next school indicator for a group of students.

    1. From the start page, select a group of students. The Student Selection page appears.
    2. Select Next School Indicator from the group functions menu. The Next School Indicator page appears.
    3. Select a next school indicator value from the popup menu. Note: If the desired selection is not available, you may need to create a new next school indicator as described earlier in this article.
    4. Click Submit. All students in the current selection will be assigned the same next school indicator.