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Geocoding Students in PowerSchool

posted Jan 5, 2010, 9:57 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
Geocoding Students in PowerSchool 

Most students are already coded. A few students in each school have address that PowerSchool or Google can't map correctly. Some codes fail because the address is incomplete or wrong others because the address is new and not recorded in Google Earth. To complete the process we just need to add geocodes to those who are missing. 

  • Find the uncoded students by searching for students with no geocode.

  • Choose Batch Address Validation from the Function pull down.

  • A list of students without geocodes, their addresses and the reason no geocode match was assigned.

  • Click on the student name in the left column to correct the address. The Student Address page will be displayed. 

  • Click the Validate button to manually add a geocode by updating the address.
  • Use the map on the right to choose the best alternate address. Click on the best alternate address and then Accept. To complete the process click Submit on the Address page. If the validation process doesn't work please contact Lawrence or Jim.

Each student should be validated so that no students are left without a geocode.

When all students have codes we will be able to project our students on Google Maps along with school and district boundaries.