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Food Services Lunch Balance below - $12.00 Notice Procedure

posted Mar 16, 2016, 7:09 AM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated Mar 16, 2016, 7:47 AM ]
The the -$12 notice should be sent at least monthly and not more frequently than once a week. A daily call goes out at 7:30 AM to the parents of students with a negative lunch balance.

Procedure for sending and recording the Delinquent Lunch Balance Notice.

Choose Quick Info from the left PowerSchool Menu.

Open the Food Services section in the right screen and choose Delinquent Lunch Balance Notice.

Enter -12 in the parameter for the standard report. You can use a different amount to see other information. For example 1000 would show all student balances and 0 would show all negative balances.

The report will list students meeting the criteria entered in the parameter. Last Meal is the date of the last meal activity. Last Payment is the amount and date of the last payment. The Balance Notice Note is inserted when the Notice Process updates the database.

After reviewing the list print the report for archiving and notification of school administration. Use the printer icon on the top right in the blue band.

Select the students to update and send notices by using the filter options or use all students on the list. Type [empty] in the Balance Notice Note column filter to exclude those who have previously received a notice.
Other filtering options:

Update the database by clicking on the Update Database link on the bottom left.

Click on one of the Make Filtered Selection buttons located on the top or the bottom of the report.

Now send the message using School Messenger. Click on the SchoolMessenger (CS) link in the left PowerSchool Menu.

Enter the Subject for the email include a date, i.e..: Overdue Lunch Balance 3/16/2016. Check the number of recipients and make sure it is the number of students on the report printed.

Enter the From Name and From Email then click Stationary to select the standard notice.

Pick the Template labeled Food Services Delinquent Notice. Then 

Save Email and proceed,


After one last check of the Recipient Count to make sure you are only sending to the appropriate group, send and you are done.