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Entering & Editing Historical Grades

posted Nov 5, 2008, 10:51 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
Historical grades are the students transcript record. These grades determine a students graduation status and in many cases college entrance and scholarship eligibility. Accuracy and consistency are key to maintaining these records.

Most of the Historical Grades in PowerSchool were imported from SIS or stored as a part of the term end process. Historical grades for students entering from outside the district must be entered by hand. The state of Utah is working on an electronic records transfer process that would automatically enter students grade and testing information .We probably won't see the benefits of the program until sometime in the next school year.

Entering Historical Grades for Transfer Students

  • Find the student and choose Historical Grades from the menu on the right.

  • Most of the time the best mode for entering grades is Multiple New Entries because it lets you enter a whole year's grades. Just click on Multiple New Entries and you will bring up the following page.

School and Year Information
- The top three rows apply to all of the grades entered on this page. Once entered some Historical Grade Fields cannot be modified, specifically: School Name, School Year and Store Code (see below).
  • School Name (required) is the school where the grades were earned. Please only enter grades and credit received form a school not a students checkout form. Examples:
    • Dixie High School
    • BYU Independent Study
    • Millcreek High School
  • Enter the School Year (required) as instructed 2008 would be entered for the 2008-2009 school year.
  • Historical grade level (required) is the students year in school 9 for a ninth grade student 10 for a tenth grade student etc.
  • The Store codes (required) should be Q1 - Q5 as indicated in the image above. Washington County School District Transcripts only print grades stored in Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5. When entering grades translate credit into Q# format. For Example enter semester grades in Q2 and Q4.
Course Information - Left column applies to all of the grades entered on the right.
  • Course number (optional) can be entered but is not necessary for grades from other schools. If you use a course number it must match a number from the WCSD course catalog.
  • Course Name is required. Examples:
    • US History II
    • Language Arts 10
    • Earth Schence
  • If available enter teacher name (optional).
  • Credit type (required) is important for Graduation Progress so make sure to enter the correct code. Use the Course Subject Codes for 9-12 for a reference.
Subject Area
Requirement Name
Language ArtsEnglish LA

Biological Science
Science Other
Science Physical
CB or CP
 Social Studies

US Government & Law
US Studies
World Civilizations
Fine Arts Fine Arts AR
 Healthy Life Styles
Physical Education
Computer Literacy
Careers & Technical Education
Computer Literacy
CTE - Vocational
Financial LiteracyFinancial LiteracyTF
 Electives Electives
Foreign Language
  • Most grades will use the default included for GPA, class rank and honor roll.
Grade Information - Each column represents a single grade and term
  • In Grade (required) enter the letter grade earned A, A-, B+, B, etc. A+ is not a grade recognized by the system. When entering an NG you may wish to mark exclude form GPA. If you wish to enter a class that doesn't have a grade like Rel Time enter a - for the grade. If the grade is left blank it cannot be edited.
  • GPA points should be entered carefully to match the grade. See the image below:
  • Added value and Percent can be left blank.
  • Citizenship (Optional) H, S, N or U.
  • Earned credit (required) is the amount of credit earned for the grade in the first row.
  • Potential credit (required) is the credit available in the course for the term of the grade in the first row. 
The next row of information is for the next course. Repeat the above steps until you have all the grades earned in a year then submit.

Entering Historical Grades that Did Not Store and Need to Be Linked to a Specific Course
  • Find the student and choose Historical Grades from the menu on the right.
  • Use Single New Entry to enter grades for a specific class offered in PowerSchool. Read the note under Hist. grade level carefully.
  • The example above will guide you in entering grades that need to be linked to a specific class. 
  • Notice the course name wasn't entered becaue it will be linked to the course specified.
  • Grade - Exclude from honor roll? should be entered as explained in the Multiple New Entries guide above.
Using Detail View to Audit Grade Information

When there are credit calculation or GPA problems for a student use the Detail View to find the problem. The detail view shows credit, GPA, Credit Type and exclusions for each grade in a list. See below:

Editing Historical Grades
  • Find the student and choose Historical Grades from the menu on the right.

  • Click on the grade you wish to edit. Blue indicated the grades are links.

  • When you change a grade you must also change GPA points and credit to match the new grade. To change the above example to an A you would change:
    • Grade to A
    • GPA points to 4.0
    • Earned credit is fine because it is already .25 an NG would have 0 credit and would need to be modified.
  • NGs should have the proper grade and credit to be restored in the comment. See the example below:
  • P, I, NC and NG should have Exclude from GPA, class rank and honor roll marked Exclude.