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Dixie High ROTC Courses & Section#

posted Aug 21, 2008, 3:07 PM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
Remember to enroll students in the school where the class is taught.
To enroll a student in a class at another school:
  1. Search for and select the student
  2. Choose functions from the left menu
  3. Choose Enroll In A Class At Another School
  4. Choose the school where the class is offered
  5. Enter the course number followed by a period and then the section number
  6. Click Submit (All done)
Following is a list of courses and section number for DHS ROTC:
PeriodCourse #
 Course Name
Section #
1(A) 3660 Aerospace Science III 70401
2(A) 3665 Pilot Ground School 70406
4(A) 3655D Aerospace - Drill 70408
5(A) 3645 Aerospace Science I 70401
6(A) 3665 Pilot Ground School 70402
8(A) 3645 Aerospace Science I 70405