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Course Offerings Report in PowerSchool

posted Nov 7, 2008, 7:09 AM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
The new course offerings report list all district courses on PowerSchool in an Excel format. The report is sorted by Course Number and includes Course Name, Credit Hours, State Core Code, Grade Scale, and number of sections offered in the district.

To access this or any of the new WCSD Reports log in to PowerSchool and select Reports - WCSD Reports and you will see the following selection:

Once you have know the courses you want to add to your school go to PowerSchool's Home Page and choose School from the left menu. Scroll down to scheduling and choose courses. 

A list of your current courses will appear. 

Choose View Master Course List. Search the list on the right and check the coursed you wish to add to your school.

To complete the process or adding a course to next year's catalog return to PowerScheduler and choose Catalogs from the left menu.

Choose Edit Catalog for the catalog you wish to edit.

Check the new classes you wish to add to next year. You may also remove courses by removing the check next to the title.