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Attendance Points Process Update For 2011-2012

posted Aug 1, 2011, 3:02 PM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
This process involves several steps which may take some time. For the process to work effectively all steps should be completed to avoid redundant notifications and insure all students receive due process. You may execute the process as frequently as you like but once or twice a week should be sufficient beginning in the second or third week of the term. Screen shots are provided the first time a task is explained and referenced thereafter. 

Step 1 Find students that have exceeded the limit and have not yet received notification.
Select Quick Info from the left menu on the main PowerSchool Page
Open the Attendance reports and click on Attendance Points Query.

Enter the cut off point for the Attendance Points Query, the notice you wish to send 1 - 3 or 0 for show only sent notices or 4 for all students over the set limit. Set the remaining three variables to further limit the search.

Step 2 Print the Report using the Printer Icon near the top right of screen. Verify and file the report for future reference.

Step 3 On the top right of the screen under the print button select Make Filtered Selection to work with the selected student group and complete the process.

Step 4 Set the Appropriate Notice Field (Notice1 - Notice3) to the date the letters will be sent, usually the current date.
  • Choose Student Field Value from the Function List.
  • In the first field enter Notice1or Notice2 or Notice3 corresponding to the search you executed in Step 1. In the next field enter today's date using 2 digit month, day and year (01/21/08). Then submit. Be very careful with these steps because they modify live PowerSchool data and the process cannot be undone.

  • Verify you are changing the correct Field To Change, this should be notice1 or notice2 or notice3, with the right New notice# value before clicking submit. Generally there should be nothing in the Old column. Submit to complete the process.

Step 5 Send the Notifications. We suggests sending the first notice by email and using letters for notices 2 and 3. The process is nearly the same for Email or Notification Letters.
  • Click on the PowerSchool Log to return to the main page.
  • Click on the Current Selection link below the Search Students field. In the example below it is followed by (122). 122 is the number of students records in your current selection.
  • Choose either Send Email or Print Report from the Functions pull down.

  • For Email, check the list to make sure the appropriate students are selected to receive the email. Students on the right do not have addresses and will beed to receive a letter or phone call. When all the steps are complete you can select students without emails by entering the following command in the search student field: & GuardianEmail =  
  • Enter a Subject and a message for the parents then Send. We suggest you compose the message using a word processor and save it to use each time. Please include the PowerSchool URL psa.washk12.or so parents can view their students information.

Copy the text below as a basis for the Secondary Notice 1 Email:

Dear Parent(s)

We are writing you at this time to help you be aware that your daughter has accumulated more than four (4) attendance points in one or more classes in the current term. Four (4) attendance points is equivalent to being absent two (2) times or tardy four times (4).

Under the current WCSD Attendance Policy each absence (excused or unexcused) receives two (2) points and each tardy may receive one (1) point. Students with more than 6 (six) points will earn a "No Grade" (NG) on their report card for that class. The NG carries no credit toward graduation and will require your student to complete restitution or take makeup courses to earn the credit for graduation.

A student may do the required restitution as soon as 7 points have accrued, but cannot do restitution in advance. Restitution involves attending study sessions and paying a fee for each point over 6. Please contact your school for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact our attendance office at 435-634-1967. 


Copy the text below for the Elementary Notice 1 Email:

Dear Parent(s)

Please be aware that of this day, your child, Enelisa K Kavea, has accumulated ten (10) or more attendance points due to absences and/or tardies (see chart below). While this may not seem serious at this point in time, if allowed to continue, this could seriously affect your child's education. Please note that on average, elementary school students only miss five days (or less) per school year. 

We offer this friendly reminder as a means of encouraging you to review this concern with your child and to encourage a higher level of attendance in the future.

We are aware that there may be a special reason for your childÕs absences or tardies. If this is the case, please call or come in the office to communicate the circumstances, and make sure we have a written record of the situation.

We, as a faculty, at Snow Canyon High, are trying to make sure we have reached the parents of all students who have ten (10) or more attendance points. Please view this as a courtesy notice.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with the education of your child.


  • For mail choose the Report (letter) that corresponds to the search executed in Step 1 from the "Which report would you like to print?" pull down and click Submit.

  • When the report is complete click on blue Completed link to view the report. If the Report Que reports running click the blue Review link to see if the process is complete.

  • The report is now a PDF file and can be printed and saved. We recommenced you save reports for verification at least until the end of the next term.
  • Print the document for mailing. If window envelopes are used labels will not be necessary.

Step 6 (Optional) Print Mailing Labels
  • Click on the back button  on the top left of your browser to leave the PDF page. Usually clicking back is not a good idea but it is the best way out of a PDF document.
  • Click on the PowerSchool Log to return to the main page.
  • Click on the Current Selection link just above Stored Options and below the search field. See Step 2 for screen shots.
  • Choose Print Mailing Labels from the Functions pull down.

  • Choose the label you want to print from the pull down and click Submit.

  • When the report is complete click on blue Completed link to view the report. If the Report Que reports running click the blue Review link to see if the process is complete. See Step 2 for screen shots.
  • The report is now a PDF file and can be printed or saved.
Step 7 (Optional) Searching for values in the Notice1 - Notice3 fields
  • From the main PowerSchool search screen type Notice# = 01/21/08 substitute 1 through 3 for # sign and  the date you wish to check after the = sign. Click search.

  • You will now be able to list, print or browse through the students who match the query.
At The End of Each reporting Term - Clear Notices Sent

Clearing Notices 1 - 3 values to prepare for a new quarter (Secondary clear quarterly, Intermediate and  Elementary clear annually)
  • From the main PowerSchool search screen type Notice1 # substitute 2 through 3 for 1 and  the date you wish to check after the = sign. Click search. A list of students that have something in the Notice1 field appear.

  • To clear the old dates choose Student Field Value from the pull down. 
  • Complete the process by typing Notice1 in the top entry box and clicking the Clear Field Value box. Caution this clears the field for all students selected and is irreversible. Check the students selected and the field name before clicking Submit. You do get to look at the change before finalizing the action.

  • Check the changes and make sure they are correct then scroll to the bottom and Submit. It may take a minute or two to complete the process. The sample below shows only the first few students in the list.

  • Repeat the process substituting Notice2 or Notice3 for Notice1 to clear the other notices.