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Att points on Report Card (The progress report prints correctly now)

posted Sep 4, 2008, 3:52 PM by lesplin@tech.washk12.org
For attendance points to display on report cards use the following guide:

Report Card Schedule Listing: Using Attendance Points

In the schedule listing of a report card, "Attendance Pts" can be selected to display the total attendance points earned in a course for particular student. If a value is entered in the "Shows" column, both the attendance codes and the term abbreviation are required, proceeded by a semicolon.


all;S1 or ;S1 will show all attendance points accrued in the term S1.

abs;S1 or tar;S1 will show all attendance points for absences or tardies respectively accrued in the term S1.

A;S1 will show all attendance points for the attendance code of A accrued in the term of S1.

A,T,U;S1 will show all of the attendance points for the A, T, and U attendance codes combined, in the term S1.

Note: Unlike other attendance options in the schedule listing, specifying a term abbreviation only, such as "S1," will yield no results. The attendance codes, or a place holder designated by a semicolon before the term abbreviation, such as ;S1, is required.