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2015 Back to School

posted Aug 3, 2015, 8:26 AM by Lawrence Esplin   [ updated Aug 4, 2015, 8:07 AM by Jim Black ]
What's New
  • PowerSchool is no longer affiliated with Pearson
  • Updated to PowerSchool 9.01 over the summer
  • Teachers and staff are now created using Sunguard
    • Search in Staff, Schools will need to complete teacher activation and passwords
    • Teachers can be transferred using a new link on the staff page

Key Features and Enhancements as reported by PowerSchool

  • Data Visualization and Grid features
  • Data Export Manager improvements
  • New Parent/Student Mobile app with notifications
  • Standards hierarchy and course associations by year
  • Standards grades by section with new data access abilities
  • New object report templates that use the new Standards grades features
  • Grade scales improvements
  • Scheduling enhancements
  • PowerSchool API and single sign-on enhancements
  • Improved API and Plugin documentation
  • New module - PowerSchool Registration feature (additional fee)
  • Usability enhancements
  • Oracle update
Things That Never Change
  • SchoolMessenger
    • Remind Parents and Teachers to opt in to SMS
    • Us ShortMessagesSimple for SMS
    • Where possible use student name fields in email, SMS and test to speech Phone Messages
    • Try as much as possible to focus your message even if it requires a different message for staff and students 
    • Review reports to correct contact information
  • Immunizations
  • Searches using built in function, List of Functions i.e.: Grade_level=1;*number_of_classes = 0
    • Transfer Audit coming soon
    • X-Records enter on the 13th and exit on the 14th. Fix the Exit Code or the High School Completion Status. Only works until the October 1 Report is complete.
    • SSID and Grad rates
    • School Entry Date <= Exit Date. If you need to drop now drop today and then edit the dates before leaving the student record. Entry and exit on the day before school is fine. Out of district transfers can transfer out after 9 days.
    • Class Entry >= School 
  • Schools are responsible for PowerTeacher Access
  • Parent access information can only be given out by schools. Parents create their own account and need the students Access ID / Password which can be found on the Modify Info page. Schools can also search for Parents and reset parent passwords.