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October 1 Clearinghouse Upload

The USOE requires an upload of all schools, classes, students, special programs and class enrollments each October. The data is based on students who are in school on October 1. The report is due on or before October 15. The data must be in the format defined by the USOE including:
  • phone numbers (Home_Phone) must be in a 435-123-4567 format. No () or spaces can be included and it must be 10 digets without the dashes.
  • The students birthday must be correct and fall withing the limits set by the state. If a students birthday is before the set date the district will receive no payment for that student.
  • School entry and exit dates may not overlap.
  • A native or primary student language of ENG (English) is not acceptable for students with a LEP code.
  • Students in grades 1 - 5 can only have one active class sent with the USOE report.
  • A valid Cactus Number must be associated with each Teacher
  • A valid Cactus Code must be associated with each Course.
  • Name fields cannot containe any characters other than a-z and a dash. No . , *!
  • Students mut be associated with a single state issued SSID which should remain with them K-12. Testing and membership on the state level is tied to these numbers.
  • Duplicate students will not be counted for WPU.
  • All students must have a valid gender and ethnicity code. Testing doesn't allow a undermined code.
  • All students must have a valid Utah Zip Code.
  • Students may only be in one course each period, no overlap in date or time.
Before the report is sent to the state we must validate our data. During the validation process error reports are generated for each school. Under SIS (last year) it took about 15 minutes to generate a report for the entire district. Using PowerSchool it takes more than an hour to create a report for a single elementary school. This makes valid student data very important.

Searches and Reports that will help diagnose and correct problems
  • /alert_other # this search will find all student records now in your school that have a note about Tech Office fixes or requests.
  • *number_of_classes < 1 this will find students not enrolled in any classes (that is an error for October 1).
  • /dob = will find students with a blank birthday field.
  • /dob > 1/1/2008 will find birthday that are too recent.
  • /home_phone contains ( will find home_phone with wrong format
  • Reports - QuickSQL has a group of audit reports that will find the most common data errors. 
    • If all of the CH - Reports run without errors then your school is ready for the clearinghouse upload. 

  • S1 Errors are corrected by finding the student, identifying the bad data and correcting the error. Most SQ errors are fixed using the Modify Info, Modify Demographices and Transfer Info screens.S2 records include special program errors and will generally be fixed by the Special Education Department Staff. The format is is similar to an S1 but only includes the student number. S2=326105. Generally S2 records are corrected by the Special Education Department using the Special Programs Screen.

  • AC records are course and teachers records including Cactus Numbers and state Core Codes. We will fix nissing Core Codes.
  • AC records are corrected in School/Sections and Faculty/Edit info. The following erors are the same class. There is no teacher or instructional setting. To edit a section click on the Sec #. Remember section numbers should be 5 digets long and include the school number in the first three digets. Each section number for a specific course should be unique.
AM records are course membership records. Notice the AM record also only shows the student number. A duplicate [AM' means the student is enrolled in the same class twice. To effectively delete a course set the entry and exit date to the first day of the term. We will clean them up later.
  • To fix an AM record type the student number in the search field and press return. Most AM records are are corrected in the All Enrollments Screen. Remember there should be no overlap in any one period (Exp) of entry and exit date. Dates are corrected by selecting edit in the far right column.