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Kindergarten Extended Upload

Districts offering Extended Kindergarten with extended hours/day/year must submit a report. A file will need to be sent in after the year end processing and before the October 1 processing for all your kindergarten students for school year 2007-2008. This file is to consist of a row for each kindergarten child with the following 4 data elements (in order as listed):
LEA number
school number
Student's kindergarten type (one of the following values):
       FN  -- Full Day, No Extended Year
       ON  -- Full Day Other, No Extended Year
       EN  -- Extended Hours, No Extended Year
       YN  -- Extended Year, No Full Day or Extended Hours
       FY  -- Full Day and Extended Year
       OY  -- Full Day Other and Extended Year
       EY  -- Extended Hours and Extended Year
    BLANK -- Regular 1/2 day, Regular school year
The "regular" kindergarten kids (BLANK) can be left out if you choose. For those that will be extracting the records from a database, for ease of data identification and manipulation you can also choose to include more data elements in your rows of data  (I.E.  first name, lastname) but they MUST be after the 4 listed above (they will be ignored when imported into the edit program). My preference would be that after you've entered the kindergarten type to these extracted records, you delete the extra columns before sending in the file. I would also prefer a consistent naming convention for the file --  "
xx_kinder_2008.csv" (where 'xx' is your LEA number).
The file format that seems to cause the least amount of heartburn, and therefore selected for this submittal, is .CSV (comma separated values) so it must be submitted in this format. It is important that the first
row in this file be the column headings. the actual column heading names you use is not important because this first heading row will also be ignored during the import. If you include extra data elements, be sure to include the positional comma for all BLANK kindergarten types (regular) included. The file will need to be uploaded to your LEA's "Clearinghouse\Uploads" folder on the USOE secure FTP site accompanied by a email sent to me letting me know it's there ('cc' Shane Johnson -- shane.johnson@schools.utah.gov).
The file MUST be run through the edit program and cannot be sent in until zero errors are detected. The edit program version with the new, and temporary, kindergarten option will be available sometime just prior to the year end deadline.
For questions on the "why" contact Jennifer Lambert in Curriculum (538-7820 ; jennifer.lambert@schools.utah.gov). For questions on the "how" contact me.
Bruce Hudgens
Utah State Office of Education
Computer Services
(801) 538-7926