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Incident Management

The first step to starting an incident is to search for the first student involved.

Then choose Incidents from the options on the left

Click on Create New Incident

Choose the Incident Type

Set the date and time frame

Enter a time frame comment if needed

Enter a title for the incident.

Add a description without using student names.  Use Student roll: Victim, Witness, Offender, Reporter

Choose the location:

Additional location information:

Location Description ( If needed ):

Enter your name and any monetary amounts involved:
You must add participants by clicking on the green plus:

Search for the people, students or staff, that were involved (Victims, Offenders, Reporters, Witnesses).

Add all of the participants and set their roll.

Repeat for all the participants

Add the appropriate Incident Elements.
These will change as Peason(PowerSchool) and the USOE decide how they will be.

Submit the Incident.
This post the appropriate information to each of the participants in PowerSchool.

Incident information shows under the Log Entries and Incidents screen of the selected students.