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How to find students that are inactive and need to be enrolled or transfered.

  1. FIrst find students who are inactive that should either be active or in another school
    • Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle schools, go to PowerSchool's home and in the Search Students fiend type: /enroll_status > 0 then click Search.
    • High Schools are a little more difficult because they have seniors from past years that are inactive and should stay in the school.
      • In the Search Students field type: /enroll_status > 0; *number_of_classes>0 (to find inactive students with classes)
      • Or try: /enroll_status  in 1,2 (finds students that were dropped but not transfered to another school or were transfered to your school but are not active)
  2. Evaluate the students status by checking for a schedule, looking at the Transfer Info and reviewing enrollment papers.
    • If they have a schedule you should probably enroll them
    • If they have a transfer comment indicating you transfered them out of school move them to the transfer school.
    • If you have a record for enrollment re-enroll the student and put them in class.
  3. For your reference enroll_status values follow:
    • -2 or less = Inactive
    • -1 = Pre-registered
    • 0 = Active
    • 1 = Inactive
    • 2 = Transferred Out
    • 3 = Graduated
    • 4 = Imported as Historical
    • 5 or higher = Inactive