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How to enroll a new student

  1. From the start page, click the "Special Functions" link. (Check to make sure the term at the top of the page is on full year)
  2. Click the "Enroll New Student" function.
  3. Populate the form with the required information. The following is required: Last name, First name, Enrollment date, Full time equivalency (FTE=1, FTE=.50, Grade level and entry code.
  4. Submit the form. If no possible duplicates are found, the student will be successfully enrolled.
  5. If the newly enrolled student shares a last name, phone number, or SSN with another student in the District, PowerSchool will prompt you to identify a possible duplicate from a list of students. Review the list for possible duplicates.
  6. If the new student already exists and is in the transfer school select the student and complete the following steps.
    • Select Functions (in the left page menu) and choose Transfer To Another School. Select your school and submit. PS will tell you they are now an inactive student at your school.
    • From Functions choose Re-Enroll in a school. Fill in the appropriate data including:  Enrollment date, Full time equivalency (FTE=1, FTE=.50, Grade level, entry code and District. Submit to complete.
    • Select Transfer Info from the left menu under Enrollment. Verify that the current enrollment record on the top lists your school.
    • You are now ready to enroll the student in classes and complete demographic and other data entry.
    • Please use the Modify Info to enter parent and student Login IDs and Passwords. Don't forget to check the two allow access boxes.
      • Parent id is the students number and their password is the students birthday: 20080101. Eight characters: year (4) + month (2) + day (2).
      • Student  ID is graduation year(2) + last(5) + First(3) + Middle(1) and they use their student number for their password. As them to change their passwords to protect their privacy.
  7. If the student is active in another school do not select the student or select the enroll button. Select the PowerSchool Logo in the top right corner of the PowerSchool page. Make arrangements for the school the student is enrolled in to:
    • Transfer the student out of school and then
    • Transfer the student to your school or the transfer school so you can access and re-enroll them.
  8. If the new student does not exist in the list of possible students, click Enroll at the bottom of the screen to proceed with the new enrollment.