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Fix CC to show in Quick Lookup if it shows in All Enrollments

If CC records are reattached to a student they won't show up in Quick lookup or Att unless you also update the StudYear as explained below.

The reason for this is an incorrect value in the field StudYear found in the student's CC records.   StudYear is a number that is a combination of the student ID + YearID.   For this student's CC records for this school year, the StudYear value should be 3750318 (37503 is the student internal id and 18 is the YearID value for the 2008-09 year.   Instead the StudYear value for each of this student's CC records is 3231218. (I could not find a student in your system with an ID value of 32312.)

To correct this, please do the following:
1.  Go to DDA
2. Select CC(4) as your current table.
3. Search all records for StudentID = 37503.  This should return 7 CC records.
4. Choose List View or Table view to view a list of the records.
5. Select the link to each record to confirm it is a record for Rogers, Ashley Nicole.
6. After verifying that the record is accurate, locate the StudYear field in the record.  This should contain 3231218.
7. Change the StudYear field value to 3750318.
8. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
9. Follow steps 5-8 to change the remaining 6 records.

Alternatively, if you have verified that you have selected the correct 7 records, you may change this value for all records at once from the main DDA page:

1.  Choose Modify Records
2.  From the Modify Records page, verify your current CC table selection of 7 records.
3. Select from the drop down box the field StudYear
4. Enter 3750318 to the right of the ":=" as the value to change this field to.
5. Verify your information one final time and choose Modify Selected Records.

Return to the student's pages to verify the Quick Lookup and Attendance pages properly display the student's classes.

Sybase SQL to find misaligned: select StudentID, StudYear from cc where StudYear <> convert(int,cast(StudentID as varchar(6)) + '18')