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Exporting and Importing Sections

Here is what you will need to do so that you can do a mass import.

1.  Go to Start Page > System Administrator > Direct Database Export (DDE)
2.  Bring up the Sections table
3.  Search for TermID >= 1800 (so that you only get this years sections)
4.  Choose Export Records
5.  Export using these fields:

Expression -- This is a raw expression and looks like 1(A)
^(*class_expression data="abbr" format="expression") -- This is the translated expression it works

6.  Edit that text file in a third party such as Excel.
7.  Add a column at the end with the UT_CrseInstrSetting field
8.  Enter the FF values for all classes in that column
9.  Save that as a text file.
10.  Go to Start Page > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting > Quick Import
11.  Choose Sections (Master Schedule) table
12.  Click Submit
13.  In the Field Mapping section all of the fields are mapped but the teacherID.  Map that to TEACHER (not teacher number)
14.  Check the box "Check to exclude first row"
15.  Check the box for "Update section records if an imported record matches an existing section. ("matching" means same course and section numbers in the current school year.)"
16.  Click Submit

That should do it. You may want to test a few sections before doing the whole school.

The error *** Not imported: Invalid schedule expression, period or block period specified SCHED_EXP_CONVERT: -13100

Will typically be caused by the raw expression being imported in. What needs to be done is to have the abbreviated section information imported in. You can use ^(*class_expression data="abbr" format="expression") in an export or Autosend created spreadsheet. This will export out the correct format for importing the data back in.

The custom field may need to be populated before importing. Us the following steps:
1. Go to DDE and switch to DDA
2. Bring up the Sections table
3. Click Select all xxxx items in this table
4. Choose Modify Records
5. Select the UT_CrseInstrSetting from the list
6. Enter the value of FF
7. Choose Modify Selected Records