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Enter new students and class changes. Make sure to use the actual dates of the transaction not the current date.

PowerSchool Add New Students
Action Your screen should look like:
To Add New Students:

#1 Select Special Functions from the Main PowerSchool Menu.

#2 Choose Enroll New Student from the Special Functions Menu.
#3 Fill in the blanks on the Enroll New Student Page.

Use Social Security Number for student Number if possible. If not, use the following 10 digit formula: SSSYYMMY##
SSS - school number (725 for SCHS)
YY - Graduation Year (04 Graduates next year)
MM - Month entered (01 Entered in January)
Y - Year entered
(2 entered 2002)

## - Number entered by school (01 for first student this month 02 for the next etc.)

To Add Classes for New Students:

#1 Select and pull down the Enroll menu to the period you wish to add.

#2 Click on a class to add it to the student's schedule. The red numbers under Enrollment are current enrollment, black is Max enrollment. Note Term, Teacher, Credit Hours and Course and Section Numbers are also listed.

If the student is entering on a different date change the Enroll Date at the top of the page.

Continue to add classes by repeating Add Classes steps 1 and 2.